California's Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan 2016-2020

Unified State Plan Preface Through Chapter 9 

WIOA Appendix A (Title I Program)

WIOA Appendix B (Title II Program) 

WIOA Appendix C (Wagner-Peyser and Ag Plan) REVISED

WIOA Appendix D (Title IV Program, DOR)

WIOA Appendix E (Original Labor Market Analysis, Further Detail)

WIOA Appendix F (RPU Profiles)

WIOA Appendix G (Agreements)

WIOA Regional Planning Units Map

US Department of Labor Approval Letter for the California Unified Strategic Workforce Development Plan

Requested Revisions Submitted for the California Unified State Plan

Final Draft WIOA State Plan with Some Edits Noted

Complete Unified Final Draft State Plan (Track Changes) 6.83 MB

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